Hi there,

Thank you so much for visiting Play Therapy COmmunity!  I created this community as a space for us (Child Therapists!) to connect with others and learn together.  If you’re anything like me, you like the idea of having tons of information at your fingertips so that you can provide the best therapy possible for your clients.

Hi, I’m Jackie Flynn and I love what I do!  I’m a Registered Play Therapist that loves working with all ages.  I have a Private Practice in Central Florida, with a fully stocked Play Therapy Room and Expressive Arts Therapy Studio. 

I love being a private practioner and entrepreneur, taking risks, and daring to dream BIG! And, I LOVE Play Therapy!!!  Helping people through the healing Power of Play.

I’ll be the first to admit, starting a private practice, specializing in Play Therapy, was not easy… well, in all honesty, it was really hard to put all of the pieces in place.  After a couple of years working at agencies and in a business partnership…I was hungry for success with more freedom, growth opportunities, and job satisfaction.  I wanted to feel like I was making a big difference in the world through my work. In the beginning, I remember reading all kinds of blog articles, watching videos, taking a gazillion online courses and more to try to get the practical “how to” business information that I needed to make it all come together in the way that I had envisioned.  I remember surfing the web for hours and hours trying to get ideas.  It was exhausting!  And, a bit intimidating.

Now, we don’t have to do it alone…we have each other! I LOVE the thought of being part of a community with like-minded individuals.  That’s why I created Play Therapy Community™. My vision for our Play Therapy Community is to gather as like-minded professionals to take our work to the next level – Private Practice, Online Courses, Books, Public Speaking Events, Membership Sites, Consulting, Business Coaching, Parent Coaching, and more.

In my work at my private practice, I am passionate about helping children, adolescents, parents, couples, and families through Play Therapy, EMDR, Sandtray Therapy, Gottman Method Couples Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Education Consultation, Mindfulness, and Art Therapy. 

Probably much like you, I’ve spent years and years going to school, trainings, conferences, reading books, listening to podcasts, networking, reading blogs, and more to be the AWESOME therapist that I am today. I have so much info to share… and the thought of creating a SYNERGYSTIC community of amazingly ambitious, child therapists like you makes me so happy, I can hardly stand it!!!

Personal and professional growth is ALWAYS at the forefront of my consciousness. And, I LOVE the world of BUSINESS and THERAPY combined. The online business world is packed with so many opportunities for growth – and I LOVE it!  I love helping people in a big way, and online that is possible!  You may have listened to my podcast, Parenting in the Rain or attended some of my Webinars.

Thanks for stopping by!

Take care, Jackie

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